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From: <>
Date: Tue 06 Nov 2001 - 16:29:13 PST

I have one distinct concern with all this hubbub here in my wonderfully obnoxious country: being hoodwinked perpetually, i.e., "We have always been at war with Eastasia."

Imagine A Bad Day At Customs x 10. Yep, imagine being put through a new, indeterminately lengthy interrogation and/or incarceration based on speculation of abominations. Ever suffer the repercussions with family or job from being "detained for precautionary measures"? Downhill with Teflon skis.

with newly enabled lawmakers enabling new laws... we will surely create terrorists as well as activate new 'cells' that were too weak-willed to create and carry out plans entirely on their own.

Ah, it so recently was "the drugs" or "those guns" or "for the kids." Now it's "terrorists."

Pass the vaseline.

I'll still bet you one well-educated psychotic against a thousand new regulations. Especially if we can so easily create psychoti***

one step closer to totalitarianism. whatever. let's hear it for dark rum and table dances!

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