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david - [JBC] req info to Pat (1.2MB attach)

From: <>
Date: Sat 17 Nov 2001 - 00:27:30 PST

if you can, please forward this over to the powers that be thanks

To Pat,

I'm the happy little freak who sponsored the Deliveranceland concert in May of 2000 (Birmingham, Alabama). I have that concert (AEUK and JBC) on 3 minidis*** If you might recall, I had that binaural black ugly-ass "head" microphone.

I'll be making a CD copy (for me) soon. Let's assume the recording is worth a shite. (A small MP3 sample is attached to this email.)

  1. should I make a copy for you conspirators?
  2. would you like scans of the lousy photos I took also?
  3. should I can I offer to start a tree whenever I finish the transcription?
  4. am I breaching anything personal (let alone legal) by the mere suggestion of a tree?

cheers, Michael / Namedotcom in Deliveranceland

Received on Sat, 17 Nov 2001 03:27:30 EST

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