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Re: David - [JBC] - re: live Birmingham thingy

From: <>
Date: Fri 07 Dec 2001 - 20:31:32 PST

OK here it is - the MP3 sample snippet "thank you both for coming out" + beginning of 'd.r.i.n.k.' is sadly gone. rest of the questions remain valid.  thanks. Michael

if you can, please forward this over to the powers that be - thanks

To Pat,

I'm the happy little freak who sponsored the Deliveranceland concert in May of 2000 (Birmingham, Alabama). I have that concert (AEUK and JBC) on several minidis*** If you might recall, I had that binaural, black, ugly-ass, "head" microphone.

I'll be making a CD copy (for me) soon. Let's assume the recording is worth a shite. (A small MP3 sample is attached to this email.)

  1. should I make a copy for you conspirators?
  2. would you like scans of the lousy photos I took also or should I burn them ?
  3. can I offer to start a tree whenever I finish the transcription?
  4. am I breaching anything personal (let alone legal) by the mere suggestion of a live concert tree?

cheers, Michael / Namedotcom in Deliveranceland Received on Fri, 7 Dec 2001 23:31:32 EST

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