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new Eider album...

From: Brent Aliverti <>
Date: Tue 19 Jun 2001 - 09:50:37 PDT

this came in on the Indiepop list today. Last paragraph is the relevant one. Regards, Brent

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saturday night i went to see david j's show at the casbah here in san diego. and i actually got there early enough to watch the three opening bands.

the first band was 'pointy shoe factory' from texas. the lead vocalist/keyboardist had a pretty good voice which could be compared to robert smith. but some of their songs (and his 80's haircut) scared me. they were extremely loud and chaoticly noisy. the violin was a nice bonus...but it got lost amongst the screaming and noise a lot. when they weren't abusing their instruments and destroying my hearing...they had a nice 'pulp' sound. but nothing fantastic.

here's where i need help from the list. the second band came on and i'm pretty sure they said they WEREN'T the scheduled band. so i didn't know what to expect. but wow. this band was the best by far. they were your typical four-piece band fronted by a female vocalist/guitarist. they were a pure power pop band and i thought they kicked ass. and i want to know who it was dammit! i guess the best thing i could compare them to is ivy. they had a couple of songs called 'intro' and 'sunshine' and one song with lyrics that went something like "i want you to feel happy - i want you to know happy - i want you to be happy" and "i like being alone - i don't like being alone" and she did some really 'interesting' things with her guitar, i.e., at one point she kneeled on the stage and put her guitar up to her mouth and sang into it. it looked ummmm hmm. and sounded way cool. does anyone have any idea who this band wa! s?

the third band was the autums (produced by simon raymonde). they are pretty well-known in the la area and even gets frequent air play on the radio there. i thought the drummer was amazing. he did all sorts neat things to create unusual sounds and i couldn't stop watching him play. they were definately good. if you liked should check them out.

david's performance of course was brilliant. but the unexpected highlight of his show was when max eider/guitar and owen jones/accordian joined him on stage for a few songs. i talked with max for a little bit and for those that loved 'the best kisser in the world' - he informed me that he's been busy working on a new album which is going to be released very soon. of course he'll be playing with the jazz butcher at the troubador in los angeles on the 8th of july. if you've never seen the jazz butcher play...go see this! Received on Tue, 19 Jun 2001 09:50:37 -0700

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