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Re: JBC (fwd) - GLASS recordings to be released!

From: <>
Date: Tue 26 Jun 2001 - 21:35:29 PDT

Ladies & Gents:
Oh, could life be sweeter?
I just booked passage yesterday from Minneapolis to LA, I bought my ticket to the Troubadour show, (was it a red carnation we agreed to wear? Should we have "Hello my name is" stickers? How about "Hello, My screen name is...")
And as I sit contentedly, anticipating the fun I shall be having in a short while, news of re-releases from David "Pravda" Whittemore. I too own both titles...but cynical? Not I. Never too early for christmas shopping, I say...and I rejoyce in the gospel of the JBC being further spread by the availbilty of these albums.
In summary...yay!
you may return to whatever it is you were doing. Thanks. Brian Received on Wed, 27 Jun 2001 00:35:29 EDT

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