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FW: JBC Video

From: Clark E. Morgan <>
Date: Fri 29 Jun 2001 - 08:11:25 PDT

I'm soooo thankful not to be alone in my cynicism. And Arcane brings up still more points than I had even thought of. More research is required before we all open up our wallets. I appreciate Gary's vote of confidence, even if it's facetious; but my geographical relationship to the venue is prohibitive.

BTW, I want to clarify, I'm not dissing a DV and an iMac; but you know, owning a gun doesn't make one a marksman and owning some consumer quality video editing setup doesn't make on an executive producer. Shoot, you can BUY a DV and an iMac for 1400 bucks if you shopped it. This is not the as shooting it to Beta SP and mixing in from a good digital record.

It's a good deal, what this guy is offering IF he knows what he's doing and he can and will deliver. I was focused more on the hesitant way David brought
the idea up than the idea itself. I've long since sent the original mail to hell; but I seem to remeber words like "supposedly" and "possibly" and it just occurs to me we should check the guy out and investigate alternatives
before committing our hard earned cash.

Personally, I'd rather have some great audio recording than a mediocre video.
This could be accomplished for less than a third of the cost. If you got a good feed to DAT or MiniDisc from the sound board and recorded a separate feed to DAT or MiniDisc from a couple boom mikes, you could put together a great CD, better even than last years "Glorious and Idiotic" and I could easily talk my audio guy into volunteering his editing and studio time for case of Sam Adams.

Clark E. Morgan

> This brings in yet another question . . . How is this going to be
> delivered? Is he including editing and duplication in this price, or is
> the $1400 just for filming? If it is just for filming, how much more can
> we expect to pay for the rest?

> How is the sound going to be recorded? If he's just using the mikes on
> his DV cameras, the sound might not be good enough to bother. Whatever
> this guy films normally (weddings or something like that probably) might
> not require the kind of sound fidelity that a concert does. For that
> amount of money, we should be sure we're getting professional quality
> audio, not bootleg quality.

Exactly my point.

> Also, how is this going to be delivered? I'd be much more inclined to
> pony up $100 for a DVD than for a videocassette.

Based on the anticipated sales, this wuld push the unit cost way up. Mastering for a GOOD DVD is no rude feat.

> I'm willing to bet there are semi-professional film people all over LA.
> Maybe someone out there could pick up a phone book and make some inquiries
> to see what it would cost to have someone else do it. This guy may be
> fully on-the-level, but on the other hand, he may also be looking for the
> opportunity to make a fast buck from a bunch of suckers eager to have a
> video of their favorite band.

I am sure this is right. We've used them before; and a lot of them own their own equipment. Received on Fri, 29 Jun 2001 11:11:25 -0400

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