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Re: The little gig...

From: Doc <>
Date: Fri 06 Jul 2001 - 10:08:29 PDT

Did anyone happen to record this bad boy????

--- wrote:
> Well, the big show hasn't happened yet - that is Sunday...
> The little show was good - small intimate venue and I would guess about 20-25
> people there (of which Pat said he knew 90%!)
> Pat started off with some cover songs including Waitin' for a superman, I put
> a spell on you and Nature Boy (also covered by David J on Songs for another
> season.)
> He then done some Jazz Butcher songs (livin in a village, ghosts, sister
> death, the thing, Mr Odd) and was joined by Pat Beirne on harmonica for a
> song. Then near the end Max on guitar and Owen on squeeze box played for a
> couple of songs including Sweet Jane.
> A girl at the front got the set list so I'm sure she will post a full list of
> songs - also about 4 people seemed to be taping the show so they will have a
> more definitive set.
> A nice little warm up for the big event!!!
> Pat also confirmed the 2 Vinyl Japan reissues (dg and sim) and Max's solo
> album currently being recorded in downtown LA (Hmmm?!)
> See y'all Sunday
> Ian (the brit in LA)
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> From : Gary McBride <>
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> Date : 05 July 2001 14:45:34
> Subject : Well, how was it?
> Hi all you lucky LA types... how was the big show? (and the little
> >show the night before?)
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> >Cheers,
> >G
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