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Re: la show - how was it?

From: Doc <>
Date: Mon 09 Jul 2001 - 14:35:18 PDT

  • Kirk Biglione <> wrote:
    > 'Come Friendly Spacemen' has never sounded better.

Uh-Huh... coool... I've wanted to hear that live for ages...

> Max is becoming an L.A. Hippie.

I don't know what differentiates an LA hippie from a SF hippie from a Portland hippie from an Austin hippie... but I am flexible. I am willing to go along with that.

> Dabney Coleman and Joey Heatherton were lurking around the exit
> after the show. Very strange.

WARNING: Pressure differential too great. Cerebral explosion in 5...4...3...2...1

Cerebrum exploding.

:::a very large mess appears:::

Please wait thirty seconds for cerebral reconstiution. Reconstitution may be achieved more quickly if you scrape your brains off the ceiling with this ice scraper found in a "Husky" station last winter.



"I have been a member of the Committe of the MCC and of a Conservative cabinet, and by comparason with the cricketers, the Tories seem like a bunch of Commies." -Viscount Mockton

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