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Re: la show - how was it?

From: <>
Date: Mon 16 Jul 2001 - 14:40:16 PDT

Sorry this little review's a bit late, but I've been driving all over CA for a week and just got back. I thought the show was fantastic! I had a great time. I got a chance to meet Pat and he seems like a great guy! he autographed some cds for me and was very obliging to everyone who wanted pictures, autographs etc. Also, quite stylish shirts, reasonably priced. I was able to get a setlist after the show, much better than hanging out with Joey Heatherton btw, so here it is:
Southern Mark Smith
Girls Say Yes
Mr. Odd
She's on Drugs
The Human Jungle
Who Loves You Now?
Come, Friendly Spaceman
Walk with the Devil
Jazz Butcher vs. Count Dracula
The Long Night Starts
Come on, Marie
Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present
Sister Death
Zombie Love^

Sweet Jane
Soul Happy Hour
Bigfoot Motel*
Take the Skinheads Bowling

^ W/ David J
* on the list, but sadly, not played

Overall, a flippin' great show. I was gonna try and make the SF shows, but just too far and just too tired.

One Love

Sweet Jane
Soul Happy Hour
Bigfoot Motel* Received on Mon, 16 Jul 2001 17:40:16 EDT

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