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RE: Dreams and Nightmares

From: Sean Walter <>
Date: Tue 17 Jul 2001 - 06:45:35 PDT

i LOVE "The Onion Field" but "Turtle Bait" never did much for me one way or the other. the mysterious "Carolyn Wheeler's Birthday Present" is an unfortunate JBC classic that i do wish never saw the light of day (despite my curiosities about it, duly noted to this list about a year ago)

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Subject: Dreams and Nightmares

  Dream Set? Hmm, as with most people, my choices are destined to change with mood and season. However, "Soul Happy Hour," "Harlan," "Just Like Betty
Page," "Big Old Wind," and "The Good Ones," are five standards. And I'd love
to hear the moody thrum of the never-mentioned "Rosemary Davis'..." as an opener, complete with a fog machine and some lights. "Keeping the Curtains Closed" would make a decent quickie encore.

  On the other hand, if I never again hear the song "Walk With The Devil," it
will be too soon. "Bakersfield" is another. "Turtle Bait" is awful, as is "The Onion Field." Another writer mentioned those last two as well, which made me laugh because I've always hated those same songs.

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