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Re: New VJ JBC Releases

From: Tom Zimmer <>
Date: Wed 18 Jul 2001 - 07:31:34 PDT

Did I miss the latest on re-issues? I was off the list for awhile recently. Details please.



On Tue, 17 July 2001, Mike wrote:

> New VJ JBC Releases
> How about top hated compilations?

> That should be easy...
> The Butch has maybe 13 Original Albums and 10 Compilations / Live LPs and only 2 or 3 hold their weight.
> I've heard Pat say that a few of them - like Western Family SUCK!
> What's is the point of the new one.... &nbsp;Why can't they release all the shite that is really impossible to find on the comp and then release the albums for the rest!
> They are releasing Scandal and Distressed Gentlefolk and Cake City....
> Five songs are already redundant... and I assume in the next year or so that at least 3 more songs will be redundant as well (lovecats, Human Jungle, What's a matter b?).................

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