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From: Sonia Bovio <>
Date: Wed 18 Jul 2001 - 07:40:19 PDT

I'd like to join in the latest thread of what lyrics have touched me, what's better than whatnot and what comps are worthy - but I don't have about five hours to spare typing in how much "feeling" I have about the career which is the Jazz Butcher. I'll buy anything and everything that conspiracy wants to throw my way - I'll love most of it, like some of it, and continue to consider the rest. Pat and Max's music has been with me through some of the happiest, saddest and most perfectly average moments of my life - and continues to do so! It's nice to see the list come to life like this though! One final note -- THERE WERE SHIRTS IN LA AT THE GIG? I totally missed this. We got there late and I bee-lined for the stage. Didn't even look around once. Damn it.

Now I'm headed off on a road trip to genuflect all over Teenage Fanclub live in LA!

-Sonia Received on Wed, 18 Jul 2001 07:40:19 -0700

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