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Re: Lyrics

From: Doc <>
Date: Wed 18 Jul 2001 - 12:28:05 PDT

Mike sez:
> As far as favorite lyrics, I've always been a sucker for totally sappy
> lyrics like - "If I was going to die, you'd be the girl I'd want to die
> for." and "You're already beautiful, you don't need to be tragic as well."
> both from Still and All.

Whups! "You're already beautiful..." is also one of my favourites as well, but I'm afraid it's from "Racheland" not "Still And All".

Hmmm... fave lyrics? I have way too many, but here's a shortlist...

"I don't know if they think in this country

"Ben?/It's not over yet./There's still one final squalid thing./Now they're rounding up the ones who got away./From the place they wouldn't even let you in./Liars and thieves with their crap about caring/Are hardly the friends that you need."

"I'm standing here with my head in my hands/I put it there cos I'm tired/Drinking vodka and Gatoraide/Swaying to the rythym that the gators made..." - Pineapple Tuesday

"I hear the sounds of the work going on the highway./I smell the diesel in the air; it lets me know I'm alive./There goes the bus stop, guess everybody's got a motorcar./There goes the mailman, your letters never arrive./What do you do when "potential" is your favourite word,/And then the bus leaves you at the next move sideways?" - Next Move Sideways (actually, the whole lyric is brilliant; but this is my favourite bit)

"You could have been in the city too long/You don't get lost any more./Whatever happened to a sense of wonder?/There are miracles down on the floor/like the message on the ground/just outside the dentist/where someone's written simply "Teeth"/they could have written "Wake Up" on the pavement/but they wanted us to look underneath" - Scarlett (likewise, this is my fave bit of the song but the whole lyric is brilliant as well)

Now for JBC songs I like to play on the guitar, I like:

 Pineapple Tuesday
 President Chang
 Girls Say Yes
 Shirley Maclaine

-Doc, who's digging the new Man Or Astro-Man? release...

"I have been a member of the Committe of the MCC and of a Conservative cabinet, and by comparason with the cricketers, the Tories seem like a bunch of Commies." -Viscount Mockton

"...He's an eight hundred pound Jesus..." -Paul Thorn

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