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From: Doc <>
Date: Thu 23 Aug 2001 - 08:55:08 PDT

  • wrote:
    > I must say, the list has been quiet.

I'm only sleeping. (Which is a tune I'd love to hear the JBC cover.)

> Here's a hook that might get things going again.
> The re-releases are coming soon. I'd like hear stories about the most rare
> JBC finds out there before they become moot.

Heh. My rare find was similar to yours-- I found an unopened copy of "Bath Of Bacon" on CD at a rekkid shop on Perl St. in Boulder, CO. (I can't remember the name.) I think I broke the sound barrier, as my fat little paw shot out so quickly to grab the damn thing. I'm also surprised that I wasn't arrested by the Boulder Anti Smoke Patrol (aka the Boulder Police), as I spent the rest of the afternoon clutching a paper bag (containing the CD) and giggling, muttering to myself, "At last, at last..."


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