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Re: Support Vinyl Japan

From: dan bailey <>
Date: Fri 24 Aug 2001 - 07:33:53 PDT

ummm ... good points all, but having found myself jobless for the 2nd time in 5 months, can i get a raincheck on shelling out bucks for something i've already got on vinyl? for that matter, anyone interested in sending $100 for a video of me listening to my favorite (or *least* favorite, even) jbc tracks?


>The reissue of "Scandal in Bohemia" and the other old titles is a
>minor miracle, and we should all be thanking the good folks at Vinyl
>Japan and buying multiple copies for ourselves, family, friends, and
>total strangers.
>Instead, people on this list gripe about the fact that Sex & Travel
>is not included, or "I'll only buy it if there are sixteen bonus
>tracks," or that it might cost more than $10 to get one. Unbelievable.
>It's like the "Gold Circle" tour package last year... "gosh, why
>should I pay $100 to get two songs on a burned CD... can anyone post
>MP3 files?" instead of "isn't it a bloody miracle that Pat and Max
>and the guys have reunited and are busting their butts to tour
>America where they'll be lucky to break even. How can I support them
>and make them feel like it was worth the effort so they might come
>back again sometime."
>Or even the offer to video the Troubador show. We were all so worried
>about whether we were getting it cheap enough that we're left with
>nothing at all.
>I'm all for "fighting the power" and "sticking it to the man"
>whenever possible. Go ahead, sneak in to the theatre to see "Planet
>of the Apes" or burn copies of the new Backstreet Boys CD and litter
>your local junior high school with them.
>But we're not talking pop culture trash here... we're talking about
>supporting an artist whom we all love and respect, who most of us
>have had the pleasure of at least meeting, who has brought us huge
>amounts of enjoyment over the years. Granted, he is a "professional"
>musician and hopefully makes at least a living from his music, but he
>also must love doing it to endure all the headaches and neglect and
>industry torment that he has faced over the years.
>So, now that we have something of a chance to correct history, to
>allow Pat to finally collect decent royalties on the songs we've
>already enjoyed for years, as fans we should jump at the chance to
>pony up and pay our fair share. Vinyl Japan has obviously made a
>substantial investment in issuing these discs (because the owners are
>apparently huge JBC fans themselves) so we should do our part to
>support this decision so that it is feasible for them to do other JBC
>reissues as well as new material like "Rotten Soul." And who knows,
>maybe there will be a "rarities" collection if we support the current
>releases and "Cake City." (Yes, another compilation... his stuff is
>just that good!)
>I guess it comes down to this. If WE don't support these releases, who
>Then this group will be right back to the old chants of "why doesn't
>someone reissue the Glass stuff? I've looked everywhere and can't
>find it except on eBay for $80."
>By the way, the new Ass Ponys record "Lohio" is spectacular...get it
>Check it out,
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