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Re: Tirade in Support of Vinyl Japan

From: <>
Date: Fri 24 Aug 2001 - 08:25:36 PDT

In a message dated 8/24/01 8:00:32 AM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< So, now that we have something of a chance to correct history, to
>> allow Pat to finally collect decent royalties on the songs we've
>> already enjoyed for years, as fans we should jump at the chance to
>> pony up and pay our fair share. >>

Wow, that's a little preachy. I love the band so much as to follow them through the years, but it's not my responsibility to fund them. What do you think is our "fair share?" and should we each just give what we can afford to give? I mean, it's easy for someone to preach about spending money IF THEY HAVE MONEY TO SPEND. Not all of us have as much as others, and the costs of the re-releases isn't affordable to some. But in your world I should just thank God for the JBC and spend money I don't have just to support them. Hell, I say support yourself and your family first. There are a lot more priorities in our adult lives than JBC cds. Thank goodness I already own the Sex & Travel/Scandal CD.

Dave Received on Fri, 24 Aug 2001 11:25:36 EDT

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