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RE: Tirade in Support of Vinyl Japan

From: Andy Loynes <>
Date: Fri 24 Aug 2001 - 08:45:04 PDT

Well said that man. Have you not got lives to live out there? Christ there are a lot of consumer junkies out there - a crap 'must have' mentality which seems to be more about ownership than a passion for the music. And If you've got 'em on vinyl, be happy, sod the CDs. If you want 'em and can't find 'em in the shops, download. It's not hard.

Can we not get back to cover version lists - far more imaginative and interesting use of time.

Andy Loynes

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  Subject: Re: Tirade in Support of Vinyl Japan

  Good GOD!

  Look...if you want the damn thing, buy the damn thing. If ya don't don't.   Sheeeesh.
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