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From: Rosemary Davis <>
Date: Sat 25 Aug 2001 - 21:08:30 PDT

I must have attained old fartitude, because I've never heard many of the bands that people are mentioning - never even heard of some of them.

While I'd much rather hear Pat Fish covering other people's songs than the other way around - Cosmic Rough Riders doing "Girls Say Yes" is brilliant, so is Violent Femmes doing "Living in a Village" (let's have them do "She's on Drugs" for the B-Side.)

However, this game can be addictive:
John Cale - "The Good Ones"
Lou Reed - "Lulu's Nightmare"
The Fall - "New Invention"
Red House Painters - "Still and All"
Magnetic Fields - "Whaddya?"
Psychedelic Furs - "Girl-Go"
Jonathan Richman - "The Ugliest Song In The World" The Cure - "Girlfriend"
My Bloody Valentine - "Diamorphine"
and Jesus loves the Spacemen:
Spacemen 3 - "Sister Death"

Originally started this trying to come up with somebody with a female vocalist to do "Racheland" and had no luck whatsoever. -Carol

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