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OffTopic Post... Drummers in Portland?

From: <>
Date: Wed 05 Sep 2001 - 15:30:39 PDT

So... be kind to me for sending an off-topic post. My indie-esque band is in desparate need of a drummer. I decided, in our time of desparation to send out only a few of these 'drummer wanted' emails to the lists of bands I really like, or are influenced by. Tacky, I know... but it seems no one wants to answer our fliers...

Anyhow, if you live in Portland, Oregon... if you are a drummer... if you want to be in a band, or are an expatriate of another band... email me *off-list* and we'll chat.

I think the median age on this list is late 20's to mid 30's, so that is good. That is the median age of those already in the group, and we like beer... so, 21+ is ideal. Novices or beginner players are ok too!

We have a song on the JBC Tribute, but it's not very indicative of our usual selves. If you are interested, I'll point you toward something that is. The current line-up consists of our most recent addition, an ex-Kaleid (local Portland shoegazer type band, ala Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine) guitarist. The rest of us are nobody's ex- yet...

If you got this far in the email, you must be interested... so email me!

Be well,
Jason... Received on Wed, 5 Sep 2001 18:30:39 EDT

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