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From: Dave Ungar <>
Date: Fri 07 Sep 2001 - 03:59:43 PDT

Two items from Matador that may be of interest to some of youse:

The Soft Boys -- New Recordings
Robyn Hitchcock writes:

"The Soft Boys are recording again soon; the room is filling up with flies, which is suspicious as there's nothing dead in here. There's that point when they buzz together and it sounds like vari-sped double-tracking. Maybe once upon a time, George Martin was in the studio with John Lennon and some flies came by... The group is sounding great! Titles include 'The Disconnection Of The Ruling Class', 'Sudden Town', 'Nemesis Beach' and 'I'm So Glad You Love Me.' I personally am a long or short way advanced on:
- a novel

  • a short story for Greg Kihn's book of rock musician authors
  • a double CD of mostly live Bob Dylan covers and
  • a new solo album.

There is also a version of Paul McCartney's 'Let Me Roll It' that I recordedwith the other Soft Boys in January, that has just been released on a McCartney tribute record. The proceeds from this go to a breast cancer charity; details available at"

Yo La Tengo will be backing Neil Innes (The Rutles, Bonzo Dog Band) for a few shows in NY, NJ, and Boston: Maxwell's on Oct 6, Cambridge House of Blues on Oct 7, and Village Underground on Oct 9 or 10. He'll be doing Rutles & Bonzo songs as well as solo stuff old & new. These shows will mark Neil's first US appearances in more years than we can count, so this should be very exciting. Followers of recent history will note that Innes was a featured player on Yo La Tengo's spring 2000 tour of the UK that also included Sonic Boom and Robyn Hitchcock as part of the cast.

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