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RE: breaking the silence

From: John Devitofranceschi <>
Date: Sun 23 Sep 2001 - 19:11:04 PDT

I've always sort of thought that the tunes on 'Sex & Travel' could be the core
of a cool Cold War musical (like 'Chess' but without the boring bits). In "Holiday", the guy is obviously MI5 or MI6. "Pres Reagan's Birthday Present",
a bring the house down dance number to close Act 1. "Red Pets"/"Only A Rumour",
love ineterest for our hero. "What's The Matter, Boy?", awkward sidekick comic
relief. "Walk with the Devil". "Walk with the Devil", our hero goes over to the
other side, or does he? "Down the Drain" tragic denouement or false ending? "Big Saturday" uplifting, hopeful, real finale?

All we need is a real story and characters to match the tunes!


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> From: Sonia Bovio []
> Sent: Sunday, September 23, 2001 9:49 PM
> To: jbclist
> Subject: breaking the silence
> I've got to say I'm pleased that this list is the only one I'm on that
> hasn't been flooded with Sept. 11 commentary. Kind of weird
> though don't you
> think? (Yes, I realized that I just broke that chain, but it's too quiet
> around here and I'm sick of my other e-lists.)
> A JBC fan/friend of my husband's suggested a JBC tribute that
> would be more
> like a stage show than a tribute gig. "Like Jaques BreI is Alive and Well
> and Living in Paris" was the quote. Still can't figure out what
> he's got in
> his mind. Any thoughts on the idea out there? How could "we" do a
> stage show
> surrounding the art and times of Mr. Fish and co.? I suppose Death Dentist
> would be easy enough to stage. And Zombie Love. Hmmm. Maybe he's got
> something there...
> Hope everyone out there is doing okay and finding peace.
> -Sonia
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