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Re: FW: JBC Video

From: <>
Date: Fri 29 Jun 2001 - 08:29:15 PDT

Greetings everyone.

There is really nothing wrong with doing a three DV camera shoot. I recently was involved in a five dv camera shoot of the Residents while they were performing at the Experience museum in Seattle. The results were great.

One doesn't need Beta SP to achieve a professional product (btw -these shoots usually cost a ton more). If done correctly - a DV shoot can look really wonderful. It does come done to what cameras they are using, their background and experience level, their plans for coverage, the cooperation of the venue and what their post-production intentions/assumptions are.

I would be more than happy to speak to the folks in charge to help flesh things out.

Just let me know.

Marc Received on Fri, 29 Jun 2001 11:29:15 EDT

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