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The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy mailing list has been in existence since October 1989 and has a few hundred subscribers. Several subscribers are in contact with the band, and report here.

This is the place for up-to-date information. For your convenience, the archives are here in their entirety, although they can lag several months depending on how busy I am :-|

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  • Long shot motel 2
    jesusblood[at] - Chris, Lancaster
    8Mar2013 12:54 PM (8 years 202 days ago)
    I was nostalgically looking to see if I could find my previous comment with the subject line "Long shot motel" (see below, assuming you're reading in the default newest-first order), and lo - 'tis still there! Just a follow-up to say Pat played a lovely solo set on the night, and despite sound problems (sorry Pat), an essential contribution to this a perfect day, so thanks Pat, for some treasured memories!

    All the best, Chris and Julie

    btw love the new album!
  • Tour. Please.
    Charlie[at] - Charlie, Minneapolis
    20Jun2012 6:19 PM (9 years 98 days ago)
    Dear sir,

    Miss you and your noise. Saw you in a few places over the years, ...ah, decades.

    Last saw you at the DNA Lounge in S.F.. There was a woman quite smitten with you selling 'merch'. She was from Canada. Did you marry?

    Come visit and play!

  • chords to walk with the devil
    esawester[at] - ed ithaca
    14Mar2012 11:09 AM (9 years 196 days ago)
    help! i need the chords for walk with the devil. it's a great song and someone really needs to hear it. Thank you in advance.
  • shows in usa
    davidk1[at] - david in santa barbara ca
    6Jan2010 7:39 PM (11 years 264 days ago)
    jesus christ on a pogo-stick, can't fuckin believe i missed the butcher in L.A. been waiting since the early '90's for a return engagement and i missed it??? is there no justice in the universe? any chance i can redeem myself and attend an upcoming show?
  • This Bloody Nonsense
    cuszynski[at] - Chris Uszynski, Amherstburg ONT
    6Jun2009 7:29 PM (12 years 113 days ago)
    Hi ALL

    Say Pat and the Boys in Windsor ONT, in 89 or 90 greatest frickin show on earth. They were supporting the this bloody non sense release on WEA in Canada. Lost it in an accident and I am looking for CD or MP3 version of it. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller????Please help. Thanx and cheers (with Vodka of course). Hey lets tour canada again, I would promote that show again here in a heart beat!