13th of April, 2000 (Thursday)
@ TT the Bear's
Boston Massachusetts, USA
[extra shit] [performers listed] [fan review] [scanned setlist] [songlist]
15th of April, 2000 (Saturday)
@ Mohawk Place
Buffalo New York, USA
[extra shit] [performers listed] [fan review] [photos]
16th of April, 2000 (Sunday)
@ The Beer Mug
Erie Pennsylvania, USA
[performers listed] [photos]
17th of April, 2000 (Monday)
@ Millvale Industrial Theater
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, USA
[performers listed] [fan review] [photos] [scanned setlist] [songlist]
18th of April, 2000 (Tuesday)
@ Phantasy Nite Club
Cleveland Ohio, USA
[performers listed] [fan review] [with band of note] [press accounts] [songlist]
19th of April, 2000 (Wednesday)
@ Magic Stick
Detroit Michigan, USA
[performers listed] [fan review] [ticket stub] [press accounts] [songlist]
[ticket for 2000/Apr19.html]
20th of April, 2000 (Thursday)
@ Schubas
Chicago Illinois, USA
[performers listed] [fan review] [with band of note]
21st of April, 2000 (Friday)
@ Danny's
Chicago Illinois, USA
[extra shit] [performers listed] [fan review] [songlist]
[poster for 2000/Apr21.html]
23rd of April, 2000 (Sunday)
@ 7th St. Entry
Minneapolis Minnesota, USA
[performers listed] [photos] [press accounts]
25th of April, 2000 (Tuesday)
@ Gabe's
Iowa City Iowa, USA
[performers listed]
26th of April, 2000 (Wednesday)
@ Inferno
Madison Wisconsin, USA
[performers listed] [songlist]
27th of April, 2000 (Thursday)
@ Second Story
Bloomington Indiana, USA
[performers listed] [fan review]
29th of April, 2000 (Saturday)
@ Hi-Tone Cafe
1913 Poplar Ave
Memphis Tennessee, USA
[performers listed] [fan review] [photos] [songlist]
[poster for 2000/Apr29.html]
30th of April, 2000 (Sunday)
@ 12th & Porter
Nashville Tennessee, USA
[performers listed] [fan review] [songlist]
1st of May, 2000 (Monday)
@ The Nick
Birmingham Alabama, USA
[performers listed]
3rd of May, 2000 (Wednesday)
@ Echo Lounge
Atlanta Georgia, USA
[extra shit] [performers listed] [with band of note] [scanned setlist] [songlist]
[poster for 2000/May3.html]
4th of May, 2000 (Thursday)
@ 40 Watt
Athens Georgia, USA
[performers listed] [fan review] [photos] [songlist]
5th of May, 2000 (Friday)
@ Cat's Cradle
Chapel Hill North Carolina, USA
[performers listed]
7th of May, 2000 (Sunday)
@ Upstage
Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA
[performers listed] [fan review] [with band of note] [songlist]
8th of May, 2000 (Monday)
@ Iota Cafe
Arlington Virginia, USA
[performers listed] [fan review] [photos] [songlist]
9th of May, 2000 (Tuesday)
@ Maxwell's
Hoboken New Jersey, USA
[performers listed] [fan review]
11th of May, 2000 (Thursday)
@ Mercury Lounge
New York New York, USA
[performers listed] [fan review] [photos] [songlist]
24th of May, 2000 (Wednesday)
@ B-72
Vienna Austria
[with band of note] [pat solo]
28th of May, 2000 (Sunday)
@ Sonderbar
Feldkirch Austria
[with band of note] [pat solo]
17th of June, 2000 (Saturday)
@ Shinjuku Loft
Tokyo Japan
[extra shit] [performers listed] [fan review] [photos] [with band of note] [pat reviews] [songlist]
18th of June, 2000 (Sunday)
@ Shinjuku Loft
Tokyo Japan
[performers listed] [fan review] [photos] [with band of note] [pat reviews] [songlist]
20th of June, 2000 (Tuesday)
@ Muse Hall
Osaka Japan
[performers listed] [with band of note] [pat reviews] [songlist]
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    sebly - scotLand (scotland)
    2Nov2000 1:53 PM (16 years 328 days ago)
    I really enjoyed viewing the list of gigs. From all over the world. I don`t,however, recall seeing any mention of Glasgow on the list. Have I been remiss I wonder?