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Date: Wed, 11 Oct 89 14:32:49
From: sco!stewarte[at]-remove-ucscc.UCSC.EDU
Subject: jazz butcher

quoth del Amitri:

>jazz butcher: _big planet scarey planet_ genius genicd008
> my fave is opting for the way of jonathan richman, it seems.
> doing the same ole thang.

'Course, Butch always did have a thing for Jonathan (remember the cover
of Roadrunner)...yeah, both of them have failed to fully live up to
their potential lately, but I think this album has its strong points.

> his previous release _fiscotheque_ showed promise & growth which
> _big planet_ fails to continue. back is the john rivers production
> and reverb which looses mr fishes witty lyrics in the mix.
> some good tunz, but no gems as in his previous few lackluster albums.
> (well mebbe _bad dream lover_)

Mr. Rivers may be sort of a one trick pony, but he was responsible for the
masterpiece "A Scandal In Bohemia"...BPSP is a bit of a disappointment
after Fishcotheque, but then that was so welcome partly because it followed
the wretched Distressed Gentlefolk. I think "Bicycle Kid" and "Line of
Death" may qualify as gems, but only continued listening will tell.

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