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Date: Fri, 24 Nov 89 16:25:17 EST
From: (The lights are out and no one's home.) Mitch[at]-remove-UMass
Subject: Yow!!

You toured with Butch? Tell me all about it! I haven't heard of him
coming out the Boston way yet, but I'll keep my eyes peeled!
Oh, btw, I finally found 'Scarey Planet' on disc in Boston, and the more
I listen to it, the more I think it's his best work in years! It's CERTAINLY
better than 'Fishcoteque', (which I think sucks, actually), and is better
than 'Distressed Gentlefolk', I think.

Anyway, if you got bootleg material, you bet your ass I'd like a copy!
Send me an address and I'll send you a couple of 100 minute tapes. That
interview must be a scream...

* Mitch

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