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Date: Sun, 26 Nov 89 19:54:17 EST
From: Nancy Everson <everson[at]-remove-BBN.COM>
Subject: jazz butcher

Hi again,

I've been gone for five days, and I'm plowing through my e-mail one
message at a time (100 new messages), and the letter I just sent you
was a response to your nm-list posting! Thanks for remembering to
e-mail me personally! I guess there aren't that many JBC fans on the

My sister just got back from Germany a week ago, and while she was
there, she managed to pick up a copy of the JB "Live in Hamburg"
album for me. I'm anxiously awaiting that! (I gave my sister
a special request for this album, and when she got back, she said,
"Um, those bands you wanted the CDs for aren't very popular in Germany,
so I couldn't get the CDs. But, I did get you the albums. I hate to tell
you this, but the Jazz Butcher was filed under the 'Pop' section...."
I guess she thought I'd be ashamed of liking something considered "pop".)

Babbling again,

(must be the tea and cognac I had to combat this sore throat....)

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