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Date: Tue, 12 Dec 89 15:24:15 -0500
From: del (del Amitri)
Subject: tapes

i am planning on seeing the JBC in new orleans on the 18th
and staying with a friend who goes to school there.

well, it seems that this friend of mine has a hand in at
the radio station which is sponsoring the JBC there. he
in essence, talked the station manager into allowing *me*
a three hour time slot with mr fish the day before the show.

this outta the blue. watta way to start the day, huh?

so... have any questions that i can pass on to the man.
i would be more than happy to fence your questions.
maybe i will even have a coupa a drinks with the butcher
to your name :-)

i really wish that i had a video outfit; my pixel video
camera really isnt the most versitile, and i would just
love to document this upcoming trip.

god! what a month.
and i still am not sick of this band.


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