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Date: Sun, 31 Dec 89 15:46:04 -0500
From: del (del Amitri)
Subject: trading

i dont remember if you are the person who used to have the .signiture
which attributed the sampled chicken ad at the beginning of _the best way_
to ronald reagan... but i think that it was.

i asked pat about where ever he dug up the reagan tapes
and he told me that it *wasnt* reagan. seems that a friend
of his supplies him with absurd tapes for use in songs, and
the reagan sound-alike is actually just some radio personality
from california... pat couldnt remember his name though.

.... to clear up the confusion...
(as if it really mattered)

looking forward to the second decade of th e butcher:
"jesus loves the spacemen 3. jesus, i love you" - pat fish

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