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Date: Tue, 2 Jan 1990 15:53:16
From: sco!stewarte[at]-remove-ucscc.UCSC.EDU
Subject: fish stories

Wow! Some wild adventures with the JBC you've been having...I've been
appreciating your tapes greatly; they did a number of songs in Chicago
that they didn't do when I saw them (they didn't do "Devil is my Friend",
for instance, but then they didn't have any idiots shouting for it
through the whole damn show). I'd never heard "Moscow Drug Club" or
"The Biggest, Loudest, Heaviest Band of All" (or whatever it's called).
They did do "King of Joy", to the great pleasure of the three or four
of us who recognized it. Alas, we didn't get the TV Personalities
cover either, pretty cool stuff...I have to get me some TVP someday soon.
By the by, have you heard the Perfect Disaster record that Pat talks
about on the interview?

Anyway, back to the tapes. Cool covers. Is that you who says that you
don't have "Hamburg"? If so, I might have something to tape for you
after all...last week I met a songwriter/guitarist who's looking to
form a band; I'd called him up after seeing him claim Jonathan Richman
and Ludwig Wittgenstein as influences. Turns out he's also a Jazz
Butcher fan, and we banged out some of Butch's three-chorders on
his acoustic guitar over a few beers. Looks like it's going to work
out well...if only we can find a similarly-minded drummer...anyway,
this guy had been "out of touch" for a few years and had totally
missed "Distressed Gentlefolk" and "Fishcoteque", but did have a copy
of "Hamburg", which was only about the third copy of the sucker that
I've ever seen (the other one, besides mine, belonging to the radio
station at my alma stepmater, UC San Diego, which was there because
the music director at the time was a huge JBC fan. She, too, testified
that Pat and his cats were all real swell guys, so you are not alone
in your estimation!).

Enough rambling for now...

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