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Date: 10 Jan 1990 12:11:26 PST
From: drew[at]-remove-se-sd.SanDiego.NCR.COM
Subject: (no subject)

I'm sorry to say I missed them when they were down here. No one
that good and obscure seems to make it down to San Diego. You have to
drive to Los Angeles.

* I've been into the Jazz Butcher for about four years but I think
I am missing alot of their albums. There are many cd's in the import
sections of my favorite record stores but most are on odd little
labels and they seem to have many of the same songs. Most of these
cd's go for around $25 so it is hard to make a decision on what to
purchase. Here is a list of the cd's/albums that I currently have
ranked in order of most favorite to least favorite (although I like
them all):

* 1: Scandal in Bohemia/Sex and Travel (double cd)
* This is the cd that first got me interested in them. I like
* every song and they sound better every time I listen to them.

* 2: Distressed Gentlefolk

* 3: Fishcotheque (sp)

* 4: Big Planet Scary Planet

* I also have a great single called _Rebecca_Wants_Her_Bike_Back_
from a Big Time compilation cd called _The_Big_Time_Syndrome_.

* Any bootlegs that you have would be greatly appreciated. I can
send you blank cassettes or whatever is convenient for you. I am
looking to hearing back from you.

- Drew

Caroline Wheeler's birthday present was made entirely from the skins of
Dead Jim Morrisons ... that's why it smelled soo bad

* -- Jazz Butcher

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