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Date: Fri, 20 Apr 1990 16:08:27 -0200
From: Alexander Vrchoticky <vmars!alex[at]>
Subject: (no subject)

Hi David!

Full of beer, tired, excited, *with* a C90 bursting full of music.
JBC at Vienna. I was there over an hour early. When I came in, some guys
who looked like they were members of the band sat at a table.
Nevertheless I walked around trying to find the
entrance to the dressing room. Suddenly I spotted Pat --- coming
right out of the 'Restroom'.
Ohmygodwhatdoisayhowabout: "Greetings from David Whittemore, Indiana, USA"

Well, this worked. We went to the dressing room and I got introduced
to the band and to Martin. They then went to get some food and I joined
them. I talked with Pat quite a lot, telling about how I came to know
you ("So you know David. Did you meet his girlfriend, Jenny? "),
about the political situation in the UK, about the new songs they
were about to play. There's only three or four of them, according
to Pat, as most of the new songs have not yet been rehearsed for live
performance. About coming to the US: Sometime in summer, they don't know
when exactly, because Richard is busy producing a band and their
schedule has gone haywire. Next JBC appearance in Austria will be in June
in Salzburg at a festival. This is on a saturday, maybe I'll go there.
If I do I'll ask them again about US plans.

I did not tape what we talked, as I thought (and still think) that
the man should simply have the chance to talk without having to think
twice about every word. He was writing the playlists while we talked
and I asked him about some of the songs. He even told me when to flip
the tape over!

He then went to the dressing room and invited me to join them after
the show.
I was left to talk with Richard and Alex. Richard
shaved his beard off. I did not recognize him. God, on your pictures
he looks like 30+, now he looks like 25-. Yeayea, we got a gig with
a saxophone player. He was *great*. In many songs he took the parts
once played on the guitar by Max.

Just before the show was to begin my girlfriend Julia showed up.
I had not expected to see her, and was very surprised.
She has got some serious exams next week and was not really up
to painting the town red. Pity.

I, however, enjoyed the show *a lot*.
He did some of the announcements in german,
he played "Partytime" (Max replaced by Sax),
some coverversions ("Take the Skinheads Bowling" and
"Parttime Punx" (?) by Television Personalities), and
"Mind Like a Playgroup" with the following instruments:
Plastic Sax, Plastic Trumpet, Guitar, Empty Orange Juice Bottle, Fire

After the show we got a taxi for Julia and I rushed back to the club
and went to the dressing room. There came the bad news: They had played Linz
the day before and would play in Stuttgart (Germany) the day after (Friday).
The bottom line was that they had accomodation in Linz (2 hours drive
from Vienna) and had to rush off soon after the show. But they were
there for about an hour in which we talked a lot. He mentioned Kizzy's
illness to a girl and I therefore dared to ask about Kizzy's condition.
He said that he was doing good, but still needed lots of medication and
therefore could not go on tour. Also he'd get cramps in the left arm from
time to time and therefore could not play the guitar.

I then talked a lot to Martin while Pat was concentrating on the female
part of the dressing room's population. The bastard *can* speak
german. At least when he's talking to a girl :-)
Anyway Martin and I talked a lot about Chicago and exchanged addresses.
He promised to write and I sure will too.

Well, that's it for today. A copy of the tape will be on its way soon,
as well as a copy of my TMBG-tape. No, I don't promise a specific date.
I'll try to do it as soon as possible, though.
Friday, 1:15am. My brain still thinks it is Thursday, 7:15pm.
I feel Mad Like A Clockwork Orange [:-)]. Good night.


P.S.: *SHIT* I just finished listening to the tape. It was too short.
It's over in the middle of "Mind Like a Playgroup".
Me stupid just looked from time to time whether the *play* button was still
in. What I forgot: The FUCKING recorder has auto-reverse. And after
the tape was over he'd stop recording and re-played the other side of the
tape. To which no-one was listening at that time.
Homework for tomorrow: Write down the sentence
* "I shall look for the record button, not for the play button"
* 100 times. And I *had* another blank tape right there in my pocket.
* Shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit.
* Oh well, better that 90+ minutes of austrian radio playing -- what
* was the term you used -- ah, "pop shit music". Scotch tape is your friend.
* Good night! (I mean it this time!)

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