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Date: Wed, 27 Jun 1990 10:15:17 MET DST
From: Alexander Vrchoticky <vmars!alex[at]>
Subject: Deutschstunde

Na gut, ich habe mir gestern `Grooving in the Bus Lane' angeh"ort.
Die letzten Zeilen sind tats"achlich Deutsch:

`So spare Nerven, spar Verdruss,
* fahr mit uns in deinem Bus'

Was das heisst?

`So save your nerves, avoid the bother,
* go with us on your bus'

Obviously a kind of commercial of some public transit authority in
some german city. Nice thing is `.. go on *your* bus' as public
transit is ... well ... public.

At first I thought this was english, and yup, Farmer Jones is not too
far away (phonetically, that is).

In the samve vein: On The Hotel Lobby Tape (ya know, PaleBlueEyes etc.)
he sings `May I' and afterwards explains about Kevin Ayers and the
line `mal a queue'. After that there is Yet Another German
Butcher Snippet (tm):

`Kein Schwanz ist so hart wie das Leben'

Hmmm ... kiddies, stop reading here. This translates to:

`No dick is as hard as life'

This is not his invention, but used to be sprayed or scribbled
in lots of public places, along with `Macht kaputt, was euch kaputt macht',
`Unter dem Pflaster liegt der Strand' etc.

Translations? :-)

`Destroy what destroys you'
`Beneath the pavement there's the seashore'

(Explanation: Paving-stones are a popular weapon in street-fights
* against the police.)



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