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Date: Fri, 20 Jul 1990 17:43:58 -0500
From: del (de l`abattoir)
Subject: (no subject)

jazz butcher news:

the domestic release is on rough trade usa RUS832,
entitled _cult of the basement_, a direct reference to
basement fish: laurence and harry's flat. the liner notes
describe the room itself: "improbable combinations of czech beer
and jalepenos". pascal legras does the album cover art again.
but i open up the inner case and the b&w photo of laurence inside looks
*very* familiar. hmmmmmm. photo credit: david whittemore.
HEY! thats ME!

last night, the producer martin stebbing (the reverend botus
whiteblood fleming) had business in indianapolis, so we met up and
talked about the album and things. martin just got a job with a recording
studio in chicago and since his girlfriend lives there, it will
be interesting to see how much more he will have to do with the JBC.
he will be the soundman again on the next tour which is slated to begin
in "early to mid september". the band burned out on touring for nearly
6 months straight the last time, so this next US tour will be only 1 month.

the album has the basement theme (odd noise samples) between most of the tunes.
a word on some of them:

_shes on drugs_ the most fishcotheque-esqu of all, music-wise.
* pat has been listening to the blue aeroplanes obviously,
* he uses that poetising spoken-word style.
_pineapple tuesday_ the hopeless romantic. i like how he is incorporating
* the spacemen 3/perfect disaster sort of spacey soaring guitars, but
* laurence and paul provide a very solid base. they have matured
* *much* on this album.
_my zeppelin_ the oddball song. country western sendup about owning
* an airship. the guitar solo is by alex lee, the 19 year old
* guitar player for the blue aeroplanes. last night martin told
* me that the solo was a ONE take.
_mr odd_ oh yeah. this should have been the single. very powerful.
* mr odd lives next door to basement fish.
_after the great euphrates_ as explained on the KCRW interview tape
* (from whence comes the _girl-go_ 12er b-side) gregory euphrates
* is a plastic mallard which hung out on laurences bass amp during
* the tour. apparently euphrates was kidnapped in california, although
* the band likes to believe that he just slipped away with a she-duck.
_girl-go_ is the single. this is a longer version than from the canadian
* _spooky_ CD of 1988. also, pat uses the word "ta" instead of "to"
* in the line "everything she used to do is wrong", which i particularly
* dislike. _girl-go_ has the chord progression of the perfect disaster
* song _all the stars_ off of _asylum road_. this makes sense, as
* the bands are friends. by the way, the perfect disaster split
* up last month; their bass player has gone on to do a 4AD project.
_turtle bait_ i think that this is the one martin meant when he said
* "i really hate one of the tunes".
_sister death_ well, at least the song titles are finally becoming the sort
* of things one would expect from a band named jazz butcher, huh?
* none of this _love kittens_ shit. actually, this is a down tempo
* song about the hazards of women with the mad eyes and serious
* earrings. hmmm.

other items: martin thain, their tour manager has just been married,
martins psycho ex-girlfriend from hell was in possession of his
stuff in england while he was over here and she simply sold all of
martins things: guitars, stereo, cameras. he could only recover
two pairs of jeans.

thats it for now.



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