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Date: Mon, 23 Jul 1990 11:44:01 PDT
From: 6500nag%ucsbuxa[at] (Naggi Asmar)
Subject: i'm back

I live in goleta, the most exciting place on earth. it's outside of santa
barbara. where the fuck is purdue? my serious condolences if it's in indiana.

the jazz butcher takes on a bigger than life posture
in my mind. my girlfriend thinks that he and max are the sexiest men around.
They were definitely godlike on the '86 tour.

i've been listening to the new lp quite a bit. i do agree that turtlebait is
basically a bad tune. everything else i like a lot. if you have a complete
JBC discography could you please send it. i have this thing about lists.

"everything i do want is out of reach"


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