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Date: Tue, 31 Jul 1990 17:28:34 -0500
From: del (de l`abattoir)
Subject: Jazz Butcher News:1

jazz butcher news:

a friend who has recently spoken with richard formby
says that richard has been working with (the spacemen 3s) sonic boom
of late "doing alot of writing". hmmmm. this group really *does*
kill its guitarists, doesnt it? i hope that richard stays around.
his solo on _mr odd_ is great! also, richard has been producing
a group named the telescopes. their 1st release _taste_ is a noisey
thing ala (once again) spacemen 3. i picked up a live CD from this
year which sounds not surprisingly like a live noisey gig.
the latest single on creation records is a bit more mellow and listenable.
richard once told me that he wasnt sure how serious this group were
about their music. the new single shows they are getting there.

_cult of the basement_ tidbits: the line "now its dark" from the
3rd or 4th song is straight out of the movie _blue velvet_, a movie
of which pat is obviously fond. once, live, pat held up for the crowd
to see his bottle of heineken and said simply "fuck that shit,
PABST BLUE RIBBON" and then started the next tune. go see the movie
and also catch where his live intro to _angels_ comes from.

trivia: in the song _hard_ (what it is about is told during the KCRW 1989
interview tape... the bootlegger of which *is* on this list..)
the last lines are (in german):

* So spare Nerven, spar Verdruss
* fahr mit uns in deinem Bus

translates, thanks to alex[at], to:

* So save your nerves, avoid the bother
* go with us on your bus

he does have a thing about public transit, doesnt he?
trains, busses, and now zeppelins...

have you noticed that _fishcotheque_ is the only pop album
with the word "ludicrous" in two consecutive songs?

"its almost brooklyn" - pat fish

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