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Date: Mon, 20 Aug 1990 11:23:09 -0500
From: del (de l`abattoir)
Subject: Jazz Butcher News:3

Jazz Butcher news:

new business...

my friend alex[at], hunts em down and translates them:
* Just Another German Bitcher (:-)) Snippet (wait and you'll see)
* Between two songs on ...Basement there is the word `Schweinehund'
* Hmmm ... how do I transliterate this, so that it sounds like german
* if you pronounce it ... Ok : `Shwinehoond' (There's an audible sound
* between the _n_ and the _h_. Yet another noun consisting of two nouns.
* `Schwein' is pig and `Hund' is dog. And `Schweinehund' is a (somewhat
* dated) synonym for `asshole'. The Jazz Bitcher, indeed.

i finally reached pat (instead of his answering machine) over the weekend...

* o this is richards last week with the group. he has been
* busy working with the telescopes and he has been
* writing/recording with sonic boom (of the spacemen 3).
* so this week is "richard-o-rama" and then richard is off
* on tour to play keyboards wih the telescopes.
* o since richard is leaving, the JBC are in need of (yet another)
* 2nd guitarist. they are auditioning right now for a
* replacement. a quick practise session with the new guy
* (i suggested that phil parfitt might fit in :-)
* will put them back in the US in mid-october; a month later
* than they had originally planned.
* o the blue aeoplanes will be touring the US again in november.
* pat was hoping that the JBC could hook up during the end of
* the tour for a double billing, as they are friends. if this
* is to be a typical tour pattern, november will place the JBC
* on the west coast and coming back east through the south.
* those shows really should be pretty intense.
* o pat has recorded on the up-coming spacemen 3 album. he plays
* flute.
* o the video for _girl-go_ was recorded while they were touring
* in Europe. he says that the guy who made it had a thing
* for clouds and pat was afraid that the PMRC might see
* things like S-E-X or D-R-U-G-S written in clouds and
* consequently censor it. has anyone seen it yet?

thats about it, really. we discussed the possibility of me filming
them this time around, and he was up for it. now, if only my (hopefully)
new employers could wait a month longer before i start...

old business...

does anyone know:
* o where the john cale cover tune
* _leaving it all up to you_ could be found. i forgot.
* o the catelogue #, etc for the _womad_ compilation and
* which JBC song is on it?
* o which song is on the _10000 glass fans can be wrong_
* compilation record?
* o the source of _x-mas with the pigmies_. was it a flexi disc?
* o anything else wacky.

"check-up from the neck up"

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