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Date: Mon, 10 Sep 1990 12:54:23 -0500
From: del (de l`abattoir)
Subject: Jazz Butcher News:4

well nothing really earth-shattering,
but i saw the video for _girl-go_ on MTVs 120 minutes last night.


well, i was told that the guy who made the thing
had a thing about clouds. unfortunately it is no joke.

the vid starts out in (presumably) *the* basement, with the JBC
all lounging about, a HUGE big planet scary planet poster behind
their heads. quick shots of them all, then pats ugly mug with
obvious lipstick doing a drunken lip-synch. sunglasses, of course.

then they are outside, a long shot of them frollicking about in some
meadow with these huge frigging blooming clouds rolling about in
the heavens.

heavens. with exception of some heads shots of pat & his lipsynch,
the clouds dominate the remainder of the video.

intense, man.

yeah, you can see the clouds, you just cant get out of their way

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