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Date: Thu, 4 Oct 1990 21:40:55 -0500
From: del (de l'abattoir)
Subject: (no subject)

> 'The heaviest Group of all' is a true classic. Is that an original?
ah yes. this is from the chicago show. he told me later he liked that
song for the line "slept with girls who couldnt read or write too well"
it is by bill wyman (who used to manage the teardrop explodes).
when i 1st heard it i was thinking "hmmmmm does pat think he is turning
into a fat elvis character or what?"

> tape 4: Interview with Pat in Milwaukee. This is also very interesting
> and I might add illuminating. It seems that Pat is a very
> mellow and honest chap. As usual he's also very funny.

he was also moderately drunk! this was the night the picture inside the
album was taken. if you notice in that picture, the only light available
were some lamps which they set on top of the amps. the spotlights
were wired terribly and caused horrid buzzing, so they decided not to
use them. since the buzzcocks were also playing in milwaukee that night,
the crowd of 25 didnt seem to mind at all... the club was the club where
segments of the movie _this is spinaltap_ were filmed. useless trivia.
the main interviewer for that was a fellow i met the
previous night, brian kelly.

i am glad you enjoyed the tapes.


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