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Date: Tue, 30 Oct 1990 21:20:00 -0500
From: del (del Amitri)
Subject: Have you read ...

just to-day, i got a package from scott schleentz in new jersey.
he sent me his sony d3 walkman, his bands EP and three 1985 JBC
bootlegs. no, i did not threaten his life for all of this.
there was also a 1982 aztec camera side. you must not
beg for these, alex. but you can try other imaginative ways
to persuade me to send you copies :-) (like mail me a pretty girl)

one of the tapes was from zirenberg and is just nuts.
the crowd has em back several times. the line-up is about the
same as on the _hamburg_ album, but they do _mind like a playgroup_,
and finish up with the VU tune: _waiting for the man_. pat is
screaming his head off during it. straaaaange.
he also says a curious thing when introducing the band. something
like "....and felix, my brother". hmmmmm.

oh. i have decided that i am *not* restoring a car.
instead, i am creating a sculpture.



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