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Date: Mon, 26 Nov 1990 10:55:09 -0800
From: mantis[at]-remove-ucscb.UCSC.EDU (NOT spiggy)
Subject: jbc news 10...

well. got back about 2:30 last night from what was probably the
* best jbc show in recent years...

i got there a little late, but the aeroplanes hadn't gone on yet,
* so i stopped the roadie, and asked where martin and pat and all
* were, that i was a friend of david's, and i got taken downstairs
* to where they all were, and talked with the guys for about
* 15 minutes or so... great bunch, i must say... the friend who came
* with me thinks pat is a laugh a minute, as do i... told the story of
* the "night porter from hell" at eh place they stayed in l.a.
* apparently the guy put them in the wrong room about 2 or 3 times..

but: the show... i don't know the names of many of the aeroplanes'
* songs, but they played about a 1 hour set, with lots of great tunes.
* played you (are loved) and _and stones_, which was incredible live....
* angelo jsut tore it up, and the crowd went crazy... i think they
* got a lot of new fans this show... not many of the peope there knew
* of them... they were there to see the jbc...

the faster songs (bigfoot motel, lot 49, room 109, etc) were _wild_
* i get eh feeling pat was saving up for this show.. not something to be
* missed... the slower songs were perfect... i would easily say this was
* the best show i have _ever_ been to.

_3_ encores:

the first, pat and laurence do "crocodile tears and the velvet cosh",
* introduced as "a bob dylan song, i think" they lowered a trash can
* onto pat's head... all this being filmed by angelo with julian's camcorder

second "caroline wheeler's" with _8_ guitarists, a mechanical
* alligator and talcum powder on the drumset. pat looked like a
* looney who had just gained admission into heaven. a happy man, if
* i ever saw one.

third "sweet jane" with _everyone_ on stage, flailing madly

pat lectured the crowd about biodregradalbe fish in elevators,
* screwed around with lyrics, and generally looked like he was having
* a hell of a good time. someone gave him a bottle of whisky, which
* he declared to be "a big mistake. whisky makes me hyper"

pat is the physical incarnation of outgoing. this man would stop
* axe-murderers in the street to talk...

overall, i wouldn't have missed the show for the world...


"do you know what happens when a fish sits too long in an elevator?"

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