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Date: Mon, 26 Nov 1990 23:52:12 -0800
From: mantis[at]-remove-ucscb.UCSC.EDU (NOT spiggy)
Subject: the full story of the drunken girl:

funny story from the show:

there was this girl who showed up just before the jazz butcher
* came on who was _incredibly_ drunk. she staggered around,
* asking everyone if they knew which one was the jazz butcher.
* no one paid her that much attention. then she looked over the
* railing around the stairs down to the dressing room and yelled
* "where's max? we want max! we want max!" laurence came up, and
* very angrily told her that "max left the band a while back.
* would you just lay off it?" and went back down. she then started
* yelling about daivd j, asking where he was... thankfully no one
* paid any attention to that. once the show started, she pushed
* through the crowd to the front, right off to the right of pat,
* closer to where julian was, and after a few songs, started screaming
* "jazz butcher! jazz butcher!" at pat as if she wanted something
* from him (you can guess what). pat responded with a quick "yes,
* i'm the jaz butcher, and that's _all_ you're going to get".
* quite funny, if you ask me. she shut up for a moment. a couple
* songs later, she apperently flung an earring up on the stage
* while reaching to try and touch pat, and julian gave back to her
* inbetween songs. she had this wonderful look on her face that said
* "earring? what's an earring?" she was _toasted_. so it went on
* like this for the rest of the show, her reaching out at pat
* whenever he came within 5 feet of her, and pat just laughing
* at it all... at one point she got up and sat on the stage...
* i was getting a little worried for pat... :) but the bouncers
* took her down... nice bit of secondary entertainment, though...


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