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Date: Sun, 2 Dec 1990 19:30:45 -0500
From: del (de l'abattoir)
Subject: JBC:12

i picked up the brian eno / john cale album yesterday _wrong way up_.
one of the songs is entitled _been there, done that_. hmmmm. towards
the end of _pineapple tuesday_ off of the new JBC album, there is the
chant "been there, done that". i bet the butcher is very pleased with that on;
he recorded *his* song at least a few months before his idols did :-)
so... perhaps eno/cale heard _cult of the basement_?

the last couple JBC albums have been pretty liberally sprinkled
with samples, eh? lets play the "identify where pat stole the sound" game.

these are the ones i have identified:

o all the "poisson rouge" (male voice) samples on _cult_ *and*
* the "toutes les etoiles" (female voice at the beginning of _girl-go_)
* are from the win wenders film _betty blue_ (english title).
* "toutes les etoiles" translates to "all the stars", which interestingly
* enough is the title of the Perfect Disaster song from which pat borrowed
* the chords for _girl-go_. great film, by the way.
o "hes a sick and dangerous man" off of _burglar of love_ is from
* _blue velvet_, a movie which just keeps popping up in JBC material:
* from _the onion field_, pat uses the line "now its dark",
* live before angels, pat would sing a few lines ("the candy coloured
* man they call the soundman..") that the dean stockwell character
* sang in _blue velvet_. somewhere in western canada, laurence
* talked a fan into giving up his t-shirt. it has a big photo of the
* dean stockwell character, and in big letters underneath, the word
* SUAVE. at one of the texas gigs last year, the club
* had a contest for which the 1st place prize was a case of Pabst
* Blue Ribbon. naturally, 2nd prize was a case of Heineken.
* what? oh. just go see the movie...
o what else?

"everything she used to do was wrong" (but now she is dead?)

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