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Date: Wed, 19 Dec 1990 20:54:45 GMT
From: Jim.Davies[at]
Subject: Jazz Butcher Mailing List

It's not such a small world as all that. Pat went to "school" here as well,
taking PPE at Merton and leaving in 1980, unless I'm very much mistaken. He
plays here fairly often. but to disappointing (to me) audiences.

Pat has an attack of the Robyn (Hitchcock) ailment - drawing practically
zero audiences here and then assuming that they are hated. It's not like
that, really -- people are simply _unaware_ of the band -- the limited hype
they received was never enough.

Over here we have a literate and semi-sentient music press, but nothing
like college radio. People might get to read about the Jazz Butcher (half a
column inch in passing) but they don't get to hear his stuff.

Anyway, enough late night moaning about the state of the music business...

* -david
* "been there done that"

Been there, had that done to me.

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