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Date: Mon, 8 Apr 91 11:58:34 -0500
From: del[at] (de l`abattoir)
Subject: martins wedding & more

hello all!

i was in chicago this weekend for the occasion of martin stebbings wedding.
martin was the producer of _cult of the basement_ and was the soundman
for the past two tours.

in no particular order:

the only conspirator present was paul mulreany, who was the best man.
i met a couple more zanies like myself who met the guys on tour -
and so i have more bootlegs to offer soon. in particular is a 1986
chicago soundboard tape - from the master! i heard it and it sounds great!
i should be receiving mine next week.

i have just bought a DAT recorder, and martin has promised me possession
of the 1990 california DATs. he will be on tour with KMFDM for the next
month or so. after *that*, i hope to have them in my hands to make tapes
from.. martin on tour as soundman for KMFDM. hmmm. he said that ian
ohiggins (the engineer of _fishcotheque_) will also be on tour. ian,
apparently a leach of life, a totally disgusting fellow, will hopefully
will lose an eyebrow to martins razor the last night on tour.

i also met martins younger brother francis, who is (was) the drummer
for the group the wolfhounds, who are well worth checking out, by the way.
unfortunately, they have recently broken up. their catalogue is available on
midnight records.

paul, even though he is officially the blue aeroplanes drummer, is
not sure yet if he wants the job. something about not wanting to be on the
road forever - the BA begin a worldwide tour within months.
the new BA album is completed and paul had a tape of it in chicago.

pat was in the states with the BA for awhile but is back home where,
it is said, life is not treating him very nicely. the home front is
very shakey and he no longer has a band. mr congeniality in depression.
yikes! lets hope he weathers this one as well as he did in 86-87...

a new creation records video compliation has the vid for _spooky_.
available at reckless records in chicago. pricey though, ($26), so
i passed on it.

i picked up the new JBC compilation, _edwards closet_. non-essential
stuff here folks. all 10 tracks are available elsewhere:
mr odd, the best way, spooky, pineapple tuesday, keeping the curtains closed,
shes on drugs, line of death, girl-go, susie, the good ones.
the photos on the back are basically one per of the JBC since fishcotheque.
i took the one of paul at top. the dominant picture of kizzie holding a
bottle of champagne and staring at the camera, paired with the last tune
on the disc - _the good ones_ - paint a very sobering end to this JBC disc.

a small pause for kizzie here..

"man and machine in the night keep driving
man and machine never might arrive"

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