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Date: Fri, 19 Apr 91 10:44:19 EDT
From: Nancy Everson <everson[at]-remove-BBN.COM>
Subject: soundtrack jbc

"Space Rage" -- a C-grade space western.

Yeah! I saw "Space Rage" in November '87. I was visiting my sister,
and we rented it since it looked like a good junky movie. I was
flabbergasted when I heard the JBC songs.

It was especially remarkable for me because I had spent the weekend
before with my then-new boyfriend (hi Craig!), and he had given me a
complete introduction to the JBC that weekend (I think Angels and
Human Jungle were the only two JBC songs I had known before I met Craig).
I don't think I would have remembered that movie if I had seen it a
month earlier....


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