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Date: Mon, 13 May 91 10:40:45 MET DST
From: Alexander Vrchoticky <alex[at]>
Subject: m. walking ...

our beloved revolutionary sweetheart wrote:
> mr fish shows up on (the latest?) release, _pluto_, from the german crazoid
> band named m walking on the water, on a song called _love_. oh my god is
> this a great tune. the credit claims "written with jazz butcher and nikki
> sudden" - a collaboration of which i entirely approve. two nice drinking
> woman-are-bad-news song writers :-) (thanks alex!) this tune is in your
> face rock-n-roll, full of emotion: "i dont love her i dont care i dont love
> her i dont care i dont love her i dont care...". words is that barbara
> has left pat. i wonder how close to the recording of this song the end
> occurred..

nope. not the lastest release. the first album was self-titled,
`pluto' was the 2nd album.
after that came `the waltz', a 6-track mini-lp with nothing but waltzes
on it, and `elysian', which came out this year.
*all* of them are chock-full with weirdness, great tunes and crazy
instrumentation. all of them are on fuego, distributed by rough trade,
with the exception of the last, which came out on polygram.
i don't know whether the non-europeans on this list (all except me?) will
get ahold of this stuff ... if you can, do.

i saw them live twice in the last few weeks, once in munich and once in vienna.
*fun* time for all the family. i would forward the review i sent to david
after i saw them, but the disk that file is on was fried in a *really*
bad crash ... did any of the unix-hackers among
you ever see the kernel error message `panic: init died'? well, i did.
i taped the vienna show, but the batteries ran out after slightly
over an hour. wellwell. don't trust electronic equipment :-|.

"party in the cemetery, dancing with a ghost" (m. walking on the water)

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