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Date: Tue, 14 May 91 12:33:28 EST
From: del[at] (David A Whittemore)
Subject: Hairbrush? Tank?

you guessed it right. _the vandal and the saint_ was
the original. i asked pat about the obvious rip-off once
and he said that he was just listening to _vandal_ and he
heard the line: "sharing a room with the butcher" hmmmmm...
it inspired him to poke fun at david j, who is his good friend.
he said that he had written an earlier version which more
closely parodied the _vandal_ lyrics, but he lost them.

this conversation is on a 90minute interview tape from
milwaukee 1989, but i dont have a copy right now. (nancy? :-)

during the same inquisition, mr fish also was telling about
the song _the partys over_ from the david j 1985 album _on glass_.
they both had to get fall-down drunk to do it right.
i asked him whether he thought david j wanted to do that
duet as a sort of good-bye-to-the-JBC tribute. pat, speechless
(for once) paused and then said "my god, i hadnt thought of that"

it is still a little strange to listen to the newest david j
album and hear, basically, the jbc lineup from 1985 minus pat.

has anyone noticed how much early woodentops sound like
early jazz butcher? rolo mcginty *was* in the JBC once,
i guess, but come on! must be something in the northampton water.


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