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Date: Tue, 14 May 91 12:17:44 MDT
From: James Anderson <jamesa[at]>
Subject: Hairbrush? Tank?

> you guessed it right. _the vandal and the saint_ was
> the original. i asked pat about the obvious rip-off once
> and he said that he was just listening to _vandal_ and he
> heard the line: "sharing a room with the butcher" hmmmmm...
> it inspired him to poke fun at david j, who is his good friend.
> he said that he had written an earlier version which more
> closely parodied the _vandal_ lyrics, but he lost them.
> -david
Just to add a little more history to this song, the tune was actually
lifted from a B. Dylan tune. The song is "Shelter From the Storm" on
the _Blood on the Tracks_ album. (I pretty sure it's that song, I haven't
listened to either in a while, but I'm sure that there is a dylan rip-off
on that album _Big Questions_)

jim anderson
soon to be a Colorado resident!!!!!

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