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Date: Thu, 16 May 91 13:15:19 EST
From: del[at] (David A Whittemore)
Subject: The Scary Powers of "BOB"

dear provo puzzled.

was that a ginsu II or ginsu III knife you used on your husband?
i ask, because the ginsu IV model is now available and it would
be embarrassing to have to explain to the police why you used
such a primative, brutal device to resolve your problems
of affection. onto your more piercing questions:

1) yes, indeedily, mr fish has covered and recorded _affection_.
* being the square that i am, i do not know where the song can
* be found.
2) i recommend listening to AM670, WMAQ in your own windy city.
* every 4 minutes or so (usually right after the foot pain
* specialist adverts), there is some lawyer starving for your
* business. if i recall correctly, you are the same "puzzled
* in provo" who last year asked if the insanity plea for a
* parking ticket would work. having this experience and background
* of instabilty might work to your advantage. good luck.

"people all over the world are starving for affection"

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